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photophactory 1Wedding, where two people promises to share their whole life with each other and be part of each other’s life. Wedding is a special moment for men and women both. Everyone wants that their wedding day should be unforgettable. Everyone has special attachment with the wedding ceremony. Wedding involves many customs and traditional. Different religion follows different tradition of marriage. Around everything, one thing is common the excitement and the happiness either it is bride or its groom or their relatives. For making these moments live for you forever so that you can enjoy these moments when you want, Photo Phactory provides best wedding photographers in Mumbai.

Wedding involves many ceremonies like engagement, mehndi, sangeet, wedding vidai and reception. These all events have many values in your life. These occasions defines the journey from engagement to wedding. To make these long lasting best wedding photographers are provided who catches these moments of yours in camera and make it memorable. We make a fairytale story in which the bride is the princess and groom is her prince that come to make her

5 Places to see in San Diego if You are Planning a Quick Trip

Being the oldest and the second largest city in California, San Diego continues to impress tourists till today with its historical prominence and mild climate.

5 Places to see in San Diego if You are Planning a Quick Trip

If you are in for a quick trip to San Diego then listed down below are the top 5 places that you should not forget to visit:

  1. Balboa Park: This place is primarily of historical importance. It has many museums, historical building, gardens and wide stretches of green land. As this park was created for the Panama California Exhibition of 1915-1916, many buildings and formations from that event are still existent here. The buildings are low level that is particularly Spanish-Mexican style. Some prominent places to see here are the San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego zoo, Botanical gardens and the Museum of Man.
  2. SeaWorld San Diego: SeaWorld San Diego is located along the waterfront of Mission bay. This is the ideal place to visit if you are visiting with your family as the exotic shows put up

Best Boudoir Photography Ideas For Your Next Shoot

It is very challenging these days to capture sensuality without the product appearing to be hyper-sexualized or, worse, perverted. If a photographer or artist is not careful, an image might be misinterpreted to be displaying something else other than sensuality. Nonetheless, a lot of people have taken on the challenge through boudoir photography. The concept of this photography style is simply capturing sensual images of, mostly, women without the subject being completely naked but only suggestively so. The trend gained popularity among brides who wanted to give their grooms boudoir photographs as wedding gifts. Nonetheless, there are other inspired reasons for creating boudoir photographs such as anniversary gifts, weight loss journeys, other types of body alterations and the like.

Those who are ready to take the challenge of capturing sensuality can consider some of these best boudoir photography ideas discussed in the following paragraphs.

Food Porn: An Acceptable Kind of Porn

There is a lot of sensuality that can be captured about a person eating food and just enjoying it. Some images that may come to mind are pictures of a woman in red lipstick biting into a piece of chocolate or that of

How To Choose The Right Photography Class

These days you can learn practically any skill or craft by going online. There are many resources where you will surely find the tutorials you need. When you lounge around forums, you will be able to find seasoned pros dispensing helpful tips freely. This is indeed great news if you are an aspiring photographer. But why should you enroll in a photography class?

The Benefits of Taking Photography Classes

  • First, you get to study in a structured and positive environment.
  • Next, you learn to hone your skills under the tutelage of experienced pros.
  • Additionally, you get to meet new friends and expand your network.
  • Finally, you can bounce ideas and get immediate answers to your questions which are difficult to get answers for.

Important Factors to Consider in Choosing a Photography School

Below are some tips if you are planning to enroll in classes for photographers:

Identify your needs. Have a fair idea of the actual things that you want to learn from your classes before beginning your search. Are you a beginner who simply wants to learn, understand and master the basics? Would you like to learn more advanced concepts like model posing and

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Why Packages Play an Important Role in Wedding Photography

postPhotography is an important part of a wedding because it is the only way to restore the memories. While choosing a wedding photographer, do not forget to pay a close attention to the varied photography packages he is providing you. Description of these packages should give you a detailed idea about what exactly the package includes. It must tell you about how long the photographer would be covering your event, what style of pictures he would click, what equipment he would use and how many prints would he give you. Also, make sure that they are not adding up any more cost with the package.

Before making the payments, consider researching a bit about the package your wedding photographer is offering. Remember, you can customize your package according to your need. So, do not forget to talk on this matter with your wedding photographer.

For How Long Will The Photographer Cover Your Wedding?

The package must include the several hours a photographer should spend at the venue of your wedding. Make sure that the package